Vehicle Types

At NETworks EXpress we pride ourselves with operating new, safe and well maintained vehicles. Our fleet complies with all regulatory requirements for transportation within North America. Safety and compliance is an ongoing concern for the transportation industry. As such, we have a safety department which monitors all units 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A list of vehicle types on our fleet is below. Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.


For small freight our mini-van group is the fastest delivery method available. These vehicles have virtually instantaneous pick up and delivery capabilities because of their size. They offer a smooth ride for extremely sensitive equipment. Freight capacity is limited to 500 lbs of non-palletized goods.

Cargo Van:

The cargo van unit accommodates larger freight up to 2000 lbs (non palletized) with some of the same characteristics of the mini van group. Cargo vans have logistics tracking to secure freight to the walls or floor for extremely sensitive products.

Cube Van:

Our cube van group is one of the most versatile as it offers dock loading capabilities as well as a palletized cargo load capacity of 3000 lbs. These units offer a soft spring ride, which offers many of the same cargo protection characteristics, with respect to vibration, as the much larger air ride vehicles.

5 Ton:

The most elite delivery vehicle is our 5-ton Expeditor units. These vehicles have air ride suspensions which offer the safest and smoothest ride available. Each unit is fitted with E-Z load logistics tracking which enables us to completely secure each piece of cargo. We can further build sub floors to separate specific cargo for easy identification. These vehicles have built in sleeper units equipped with a/c,fridge, microwave and T.V. for our drivers comfort. Built to travel vast distances Expeditor units can run 24 hours a day with two drivers running as a team. Maximum length for cargo is 25 feet and weight capacity is 14000 lbs.

Tractor Trailer:

The largest capacity units on our fleet are our semi-trailers. These units have a maximum length of 53 feet and a constant height of 110 inches from front to back. They can accommodate over 55000 lbs of cargo, and are equipped with full logistics support including air ride.

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