NETworks EXpress (NETEX) is a specialized business to business carrier, providing immediate delivery of sensitive equipment to the high tech industry. Having completed over 10 million delivery kilometers, NETEX has established itself as an industry leader in expedited truck transportation throughout North America. Our operations staff have over 30 years experience in emergency freight services, with a clear understanding of customs procedures and protocols.

Under our exclusive Expedite Delivery Program, only your cargo travels in the delivery vehicle, thus assuring load security and safety. Air Ride equipped vehicles minimize travel vibration to sensitive equipment and our logistics E-Z lock systems keep all products secured in place. Centralized dispatch continually monitors your shipment and can advise you of pick up or delivery status instantly.

Expedite Delivery is a non stop direct drive service. Your product is loaded into our vehicle and is not offloaded or handled until it reaches its destination. This system minimizes handling of sensitive equipment and eliminates any damage which could occur from reloading the product into other vehicles at a sorting facility.

Expedite Delivery is available to every city in North America. We have calculated non stop delivery times on our web site. Cities within 20 hours of a pick up point can be delivered by NETEX faster than conventional overnight airfreight carriers.

NETEX is committed to providing you with the best logistics solutions to expedited freight delivery. We operate 24 hours a day to see that all of our customer's delivery needs are met ahead of expectations. As you tour our site, please feel free to email us any questions or comments.

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NETEX is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa.

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